Level Up Your Ear Care Game with EAR WAX MD®

Got that junk in your ear trunk? EAR WAX MD® is doctor-recommended and clinically proven to dissolve excess ear wax and clean ears in as little as 15 minutes. While ear wax is totally normal and even helpful in protecting your ear canal, sometimes our bodies produce too much of a good thing.

  • Prevents Impaction: Excess ear wax can become impacted, causing discomfort, pain, and hearing issues, like 6% of people in the US! 1
  • Improves Hearing: Clear ear canals lead to better hearing and overall ear health.
  • Reduces Risk of Infection: Regular cleaning helps prevent ear infections caused by wax buildup.

Doctor Recommended

EAR PAIN MD® and EAR PAIN MD® for Kids work rapidly for pain relief, locally and topically, to address the problem.” J. Mack Slaughter, MD, Emergency Room

Mom Approved

“On those nights when my child wakes up with ear pain, I’m always thankful that I have EAR PAIN MD in my medicine cabinet.”

Little Human Tested

Keep ear pain drops on hand with the other regulars in your medicine cabinet. Safe and effective EAR PAIN MD® is the answer for better sleep and smiles

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Ear pain and ear wax are no fun. Junk free ear trunks are.
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